Rodney Lawson, LLC

We are a sales enhancement, revenue-maximizing, and culture refinement firm. We help businesses increase sales results and operational efficiencies through an assessment process and practical application from strategic coaching, training, and workshops.

Many executives consistently look for ways to increase sales, improve their organizational culture, and uplift their profit margin. In addition, Post-Covid activities have significantly impacted these performance measurement areas, making the current work conditions more complicated than ever. Managing culture to achieve results in these times proves challenging. We have a solution!

Discover what most companies lack by increasing performance, understanding how to overcome stagnating or underperforming sales results, low engagement, and ineffective staff development with our propriety methodology, “L.E.A.D. Up” Method. To find out more, Book a complimentary call at, BookWithRodney.com

Message from Rodney Lawson:

“With 22+ years as an executive, many companies have experienced a drastic 35%- plus turnaround due to my values and principles in sales, efficiency, and operational situations.

As an executive, I can help you and your staff if:

  • Sales are low, or operational processes need a second look.
  • Flat employee engagement causing performance or behavioral issues.
  • Experiencing high attrition, low morale, or ineffective hires.
  • Leadership skills requiring an assessment and action plans placed.
  • Organizational culture is non-conducive for success.
  • Looking for that “Utopian” Environment where you can easily take off for weeks without worry

I would love to show you how effective my consulting services are!”

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Individuals who witnessed significant results:

Mike (Senior VP/ Managing Director) – Rodney has extraordinary abilities to lead and direct people to exceed their expectations. In my 24 years at MCI, I classify Rodney as one of the best leaders the company has ever produced.

Gail (Talent Acquisition) – Rodney is a world-class leader in creating strategies, driving performance, and developing future leaders across various business units.

Bill (Entrepreneur, CEO, Investor) – Rodney took a $40 million operations facility with one of the worst client interaction and employee moral issues to one of the better facilities.

Dacia (Revenue Officer, Growth Executive) – Rodney’s ability to listen and respond to the needs of his team influenced me to call on him for advice in various situations, including business strategy, team building, and career advice. I highly recommend him as a leader in any sales organization.

Rhonda (Global Operations Executive ~ DEI Co-Chair) – Rodney’s ability to motivate and inspire his employees sets him apart from other leaders.